Space Whale Orchestra is an improvisational chamber music ensemble sown and grown in Philadelphia, PA. Drawn together over a love of collective improvisation and sonic experimentation, the group continues to explore the borders of music and the meaning of freedom, always striving to keep their sound new and evolving.

A decade of improvising and researching together has created an unparalleled sensitivity and musical empathy amongst the core members of the group.  SWO continues to strive for a cohesive and ever-changing sound that candidly highlights the unique personalities and varied musical influences of each individual player.

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Current Members


 // Erica Corbo //

Piano/Keyboards, Flute, Voice

 // Connor Przybyszewski //

Trombone, Duck Caller, Percussion

// Steve Davit //

Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Percussion

// Mick Ricereto //


// Dan Moser //

Double Bass

Philadelphia Improv, Music, Dance & Film  Collective:  members of Space Whale Orchestra, Air Is Human, and other dancers and musicians.  

Video by Ian Fursa  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj6qLnwL1sA-5W11yz21G5A



Fire Museum Presents Space Whale Orchestra at House Gallery 1816:  Ted Schneider (alto sax), Erica Corbo (piano & voice) & Connor Przybyszewski (Trombone).

Our 6 pre-album release rehearsals.  Things get a little wacky... Enjoy!

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For inquiries regarding booking (or if you just wanna jam together) please contact: 


(610) 220-2756

We love to work with other musicians, artists, dancers, actors, and free spirits.